Hello from Klamath, CA

Note:  Somehow this did not get published on the 29.  

Hello from Klamath, CA

Saturday Morning – September 29, 2018   (Fourth  post of this travelogue)

Yesterday we drove a bit over 300 miles, but it was a long day of driving.  We left Tillamook before 9:00 and got here at 6:00.  We made a stop for lunch and I took a quick nap.  US 101 is a very scenic highway that has a great deal of Pacific Ocean viewing.  Significant parts of the route have speed limits less than 40 MPH and the maximum limit is 55 MPH.  In terms of time it would have been quicker to travel east to I-5 and drive south, but the scenery would not have been anywhere near as spectacular as what we experienced.

Pacfic Coast in Oregon 2 (Medium)

Pacfic Coast in Oregon 1 (Medium)

We are staying at a Holiday Inn Express on points no less!  (Google Map Link).  It was the only Holiday Inn on our route yesterday.

This hotel has a beautiful entrance with vast amounts of beautiful redwood.  The entrance leads to the hotel on one side and a casino on the other.  We ate at the casino last night.  The front desk rated it great, but we thought it was just barely OK.  After dinner Pat went to the casino (surprise!!!).  She came back  to the room an hour or two later after having won over $300!!

Holiday Inn Klamath CA 1 (Medium)

Holiday Inn Klamath CA 2 (Medium)

Our motel in Tillamook was pretty old and very “plain”.  We did not sleep well, and we discovered the next morning that the bed had a plastic liner.  I guess the best that could be said was that it was a place to “hang our hat”.

We are just north of the Redwood National Park.  US 101 goes through part of the park and the Google Map lists it as the “Redwood Highway”.  Should be a beautiful drive today.

That is all for this post.

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