Hello from Butte, MT

Hello from Butte, MT

Thursday evening – September 20, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

This is a very special trip that will include teaching two NTT classes.  The first class will be in Everett, WA (Boeing) and the second will be in Reno, NV (a public class).  I will discuss these classes more in subsequent posts.

The reason this trip is special is that Pat and I rented a car and we are driving to these assignments.  We have planned the trip so that the driving will a somewhat leisurely pace.  For example, we are taking 5 days to drive from Denver to Everett – bit over 1400 miles.

We left our house Wednesday (9/19)  at 6:00 AM and  arrived in Buffalo, WY about 2:30.  As will be the case for most of this trip we will be staying at Holiday Inn properties (some perks since I am a Platinum Elite member).  Today we drove to Butte, MT  (Google map link).

The trip started off pretty well.  When I went to check  on the car they had planned to rent us, I asked for a hatch back type car (easier to load the luggage) and they offered to upgrade us (no charge) to an almost new Volvo V60 AWD (see photo).  While Volvos are not quite as exotic as they once were, this one is VERY nice with lots of bells and whistles. 

Volvo Rental Car

More in future posts.

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