Hello from Kanab, UT

Hello from Kanab, UT

Friday evening    November 3, 2017   (Fifth post of this travelogue)

Monday we drove from San Diego to Primm, NV where we stayed in the Buffalo Bill Hotel.  Primm is right on the CA/NV border and it used to be a booming location with about three hotels and a large campground.  The campground was the site of at least one Bus Conversions Rally in the early 2000s.  The campground is long gone and the hotels are pretty run down if ours was an example.  The gambling floor was almost deserted.  The room was clean and fairly inexpensive, so that was a plus.  Pat even got a bit ahead on her gambling fund.

Buffalo Bills at Primm (Medium)

Tuesday we drove to Zion National Park where we splurged and spent two nights in a cabin that was special to us (529) (Google Map Link) 

Four years ago we stayed in this cabin and sat on the porch, almost overwhelmed by the sheer cliffs on both sides of us.  The cabin is at the far end of the resort and very private.  This time it was a bit chilly, but we still spent a bit of time on the porch.  I have included a couple of pictures, but they do not even come close to showing the beauty of this park.  This is a very deep and narrow canyon and the sun only hits the floor of the canyon for a few hours a day this time of year. 

Another view of the Zion Cabin (Medium)

Cabin at Zion (Medium)

Interior of cabin at Zion (Medium)

The road leading up to the lodge (and on up the canyon) is limited to the tourist trams and cars used by the guests of the lodge.  From the lodge, only the trams are permitted.  We rode the tram to the end of the road and then I hiked in about a mile and saw some amazing fall colors.  They said that most years the colors are not all that great, since it tends to freeze before the leaves turn.

Trail in Zion (Medium)

Thursday we made the relatively short drive to Kanab, UT.  It is less than 100 miles but it is a tight twisty drive.  The drive was a bit more difficult as we left slightly before sunrise so that we could make a 9:00 appointment in Kanab.  On the drive, in the twilight, we saw something big on the road.  It turned out to be 5 or 6 buffalo.  By the time we got to them, they were off the road.

Our appointment was a pre-arranged tour of the Stampin’ Up! manufacturing facility.  We were told ahead of time that some parts of the plant would be off limits.  However our tour guide (Julie) took us on a very detailed tour and we got to watch all the processes right next to the machines.  I even got a quick tour of the  maintenance shop!

Stampin Up Kanab (Medium)

Pat at Stampin Up Kanab (Medium)

We took a side trip to a neat park in Kanab where the playground is covered with sever inches of ground up scrap rubber stamp material.  It is very colorful and quite soft.

Jim at Kanab playground with stamp particles for base (Medium)

We checked into the Holiday Inn early and Pat did some laundry.    Today we cooled our jets (I caught up on a bunch of computer projects and Pat read and did a bit of stamping stuff.  Late this afternoon, we took a ride out to Johnson canyon.  It was a relaxing, scenic drive.   Then we had a great Mexican dinner. 

That is all for this post.

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