Hello from Barstow, CA

Hello from Barstow, CA

Sunday morning– October 22, 2017   (Second post of this travelogue)

Yesterday we did some more tourist stuff.  Shortly after leaving Flagstaff we exited off I 40 and took the old US 66 route for about 50 miles (from east of Seligman to Kingman, AZ).  Most of you are too young to appreciate the great history of historic “Route 66” (link to Wikipedia).  This highway was the beginning of the national highway system and ran from Chicago to Los Angeles.  It was started in 1926.  There are still parts of the highway that can be travelled and all kinds of museums and building from thet era. 

One of the reasons for taking this route was to visit the Caverns Inn – site of the ’03-05 Bus Conversion rallies.  We were vendors there for two of the three years. The place has not changed much.  It is in pretty rough condition, but it was still fun to visit and recall fun times.

Caverns Inn (Medium)

We have travelled other parts of Route 66 in the mid-west and those have quite a few remaining buildings from the era.  This route, with the exception of Seligman, is pretty much devoid of historical buildings.

I had mentioned that we rented a great vehicle.  It is a 2017 GMC Terrain.  I am quite impressed with it.  It seems to get pretty good mileage and has all kinds of features.  I was concerned about the 4 cylinder engine, but it is mated with a 6 speed automatic and that provides pretty good performance.  The only “challenge” is the electric power steering.  As far as I know, this is the first car I have driven with that feature.  It seems to be a bit oversensitive for my liking.  By the second day, I seem to have adjusted so that I am not darting around in my lane.


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