Hello from Flagstaff, AZ

Hello from Flagstaff, AZ

Friday evening – October 20, 2017   (First post of this travelogue)

Can you believe it, we are on the road?  Unfortunately not in the bus, rather a great rented car.  We are headed to Perris, CA where I will teach a shaft alignment class next week.  We will then do some fun tourist stuff and then Pat will attend a Stampin’ Up! convention three weeks from now.

We have had to cut back on planned travel this year because we did not want to be gone when  two of our daughters are dealing with breast cancer.  They are now in a somewhat “stable” situation with their treatment.  As a result, we (with their encouragement) planned this trip.  I should add that Pat had a bit of a scare and had to have a lumpectomy last week.  It came back benign.  Bottom line, we just needed to “get out of Dodge”.

We left Denver yesterday after Pat had her post surgery examination and after a quick visit with her dad.  We had made reservations at a Holiday Inn in Grand Junction.  Today we are staying at a Holiday Inn in Flagstaff. 

We planned a route for today that we knew would be very scenic.  Shortly after crossing the Utah border on I 70, we took exit 214 which is an amazing scenic route to Moab.  We have dubbed it the “Damon route”, since our son-in-law introduced us toit.  The first several miles is rather drab.  Then all of sudden you drop into a spectacular canyon created by the Colorado River. 

At Moab we turned south and went through Monument Valley via Utah 163.  The rest of the drive to Flagstaff was scenic, but not nearly as impressive as the earlier travel today.

The weather yesterday and today was wonderful – sunny and 60s and 70s.  It was quite windy as we approached Flagstaff.  It is pretty cool in the morning and evening, but a light coat takes care of that.

That is all for this post.

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