Hello from Krabi, Thailand

 Sunday morning  – July 9 , 2017   (Third post of this travelogue)

Oh my gosh, I will never catch up.

Let’s start with our trip from Singapore to Krabi.  We had two flights connecting in Samui, Thailand.  I panicked after we checked in since our luggage was only checked to Samui.  Turns out that is normal.  However, we had less than an hour (our flight was running late) to clear customs, claim our luggage and transfer it, go to the ticket counter to get boarding passes and then to gate.  Not at all possible under normal circumstances.  However, a person met us at the plane with a sign with our names on it and escorted us thru the process and we made it. 

The Sumi airport is very small (taxi way and run way are the same)

.  All of the buildings are open air and the whole place is a mass of beautiful shrubbery and flowers (see photos).


Our escort in SamuiOur escort in Samui 2

Our open air gate in SamuiPlane on runway in Samui

The resort (Dusit Thani) is a beautiful place (Link to Google map location of resort).   

Here are some pictures of our room.

Krabi hotel room 5 Krabi hotel room 4 Krabi hotel room 3 Krabi hotel room 2 Krabi hotel room 1

We were met at the Krabi airport by our tour guide and driven to the resort – about 30 minute trip.  Again, the right hand driving is a bit strange, especially with the driver dodging a ton of scooters and driving fairly fast on roads that have nothing but curves.

Friday we went on our first tour and what a great tour it was.  We started off with a kayak tour of one of the many “islands”.  Indeed, I am not sure what to call them.  They are huge rock outcroppings, some of which are perhaps 30 stories tall (see photos).  Because we are the “old folks” (not sure why I put that in quotes {grin})  they paired Pat and I with the guides so they could do most of the paddling.  It was a tour of about 1-2 miles and we stopped in a great opening in the one of the rocks that had a small beach and unbelievably lush rain forest (including tree roots that hung down like ropes).

Pat in Kayak Kayaking in canyon Island in Kayak tour

We had lunch at the place that furnished the kayaks and then headed out in what is called a “long-tail boat”.  These boats have to be seen to be believed.  They look very home built with an automotive engine driving directly to a prop that is on a long arm in the back (link to info).  There are hundreds of them in this area and, apparently all over Southeast Asia.  They are unbelievable primitive including using a string for the throttle.  The boat took us out to an island with a wonderful beach.  Some of the folks snorkeled – we just relaxed.

Long-tail boat 1 Long-tail boat 2

After the long-tail boat ride we all went to dinner at a Thai restaurant.  The variety of food is huge and varies quite a bit from restaurant to restaurant. 

This is a pre-planned trip (by Stampin’ Up!) that is an optional, extra cost additional three days.  We will do the same at the end of next week.  There are 17 folks on this pre-trip which is a great size group.

I will catch up on yesterday’s tour in the next blog.  Today we transfer to Phuket via small bus type vans.

For sure we are not having any fun {grin}

Jim and Pat in Krabi

That is all for this trip. 

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