Hello from the Land of Salt and Speed (Bonneville Salt Flats) – Number 2

Hello from the Land of Salt and Speed (Bonneville Salt Flats) – Number 2

Monday evening – August 15, 2016   (second post of this travelogue)

I touched on the amazing collection of both race cars and spectator rod/customs/stuff that shows up at Bonneville each year.  This year seems to be an even more impressive collection.  Perhaps it is the pent up demand for salt {grin}.  Speed Week (the major event at Bonneville) has been canceled the past two years due to weather and salt conditions.  You could just feel the joy of folks at being at Speed Week. 

Several years ago, I bought a Speed Week license plate frame to install on the bus.  While I have returned to Bonneville a few times it was in rented cars while I was traveling for NTT,  I vowed not to install the frame until the bus was here.  So, this morning Pat captured the moment as shown in the photos.

Speedweek license plate frame (Medium)

Speed Week Frame (Medium)

I am posting a few photos of a sample of the vehicles that can be found here.

Rat Rod wrecker parked next to us (Medium)

Beautiful Henry J (Medium)

Edsel roadster (Medium)

Fantastic Ramble (Medium)

Racing Motorhome (Medium)

Of special interest is the huge red wagon vehicle that came in on the back of a semi, and the blue Nash that has a period correct Allstate scooter in the trailer and luggage/cooler of the era on the roof.

My tired old brain goes into overload here {huge grin}

That is all for this post.


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