Hello from Evergreen, CO

Hello from Evergreen, CO

Wednesday evening – April 20, 2016   (fourth  post of this travelogue)

Our trip from Silt back to Evergreen was uneventful – until we got home.  The roads were all dry on this leg of the trip.  Just before we got to the house, we saw this snowplow in the ditch.

Plow 1 (Medium)

When we got to the house we parked the rental care in the neighbor’s driveway so that we could plow ours out.  The snow was amazing.  The 45 plus inches had compacted to about 2 feet of heavy wet snow (see photo).

Snow 1 (Medium)

Pat’s brother came all the way from Elizabeth to help with the clearing effort.  By the time we got here, he had cleared a spot for the car (he put his truck there since our car was safe).  He then shoveled a path to the house so that Pat could get in. 

I fired up the tractor and started to plow, but the engine was not running well and died often.  For the next couple of hours I did some pretty heavy duty troubleshooting.  It turned out that the main fuel line was clogged (never would have guessed that one). 

Once the tractor was running, clearing the driveway was not all that big of a deal.  I was able to plow where the cars are parked and the sidewalk and that really saved me some backbreaking work. 

That is all for this post and this trip.


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