Guest Travelogue

Guest Travelogue

I thought it might be fun to document a trip that our grandson took.

As background, Thomas recently graduated as a Geologist (this blog post).  He is participating in an internship at Antero Resources (link) at their main office in downtown Denver.  We are thrilled that he is staying with us during this internship.  It is so refreshing to see his enthusiasm for his assignment and to witness how mature he has become.

Monday (7/27/15) he, and some other Antero folks, took the business jet shown below from Denver to Bridgeport, WV where Antero has a field office.  It was trip packed with great exposure for Thomas.  Over a three day period, he got to tour a fracking operation, a gas gathering compressor plant, tour a drilling rig, and inspect a new field site where Antero will be drilling.  Antero went to great lengths to make sure that Thomas, and the other interns, received maximum technical exposure to their field operations.

20150727 Thomas plane

Last night (Wed. 7/29) he got home about 8:00 PM.  He was dog tired, but so enthusiastic about his experience.

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