Pat is in St. Charles, MO

Thursday May 14, 2015.

We got home from Gunnison (last blog) on Sunday. Pat repacked her bags and I took her down to the Bergmans. She stayed the night and went to the airport with Damon (he had a 6:00 AM flight and Pat had her flight at 7:00 AM). She flew to Kansas City where she was met by her cousin Jeanne. Together they drove to St. Charles where they are staying with Kay Brown.

They are attending the National Genealogical Society Conference (link).  All three of the ladies are quite involved in researching family genealogy.  This is a four day conference that seems to be very intense.  That said, I suspect they are finding time to have fun.

Pat and Kay have been friends for over 50 years.  It started from a friendship I had with Kay’s deceased husband, Ken.  Ken and I knew each other from our high school days.  Ken taught me how to paint cars.  He used to paint midget racers in the garage behind the duplex that they lived in.  While we were in the garage,  Kay and Pat would play card/board games.  About the time we were married, Ken and Kay bought a house and we moved into the duplex they had lived in.  Ken and I continued to attend car shows around the country right up until he passed.  Recently Pat and Kay renewed their friendship.  About two years ago we visited her and her boys on the way to a rally.  We had a ball!

Kay graciously offered for Pat and Jeanne to stay with her during the conference.  On Sunday Pat and Jeanne will drive to Jeanne’s where I will join them for a short stay.

I am driving the bus back to Iowa.  I had hoped to leave today, but there have been so many small projects that needed to get done.  My plans now call for a Saturday departure.

That is all for now.

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