Time For A Change

Since 2008 Pat and I have blogged about our travels.  The emphasis was travel in our Eagle bus/RV conversion (1985 Eagle).  However, we expanded that to include other forms of travel and a few misc. posts as well.

We created a blog on blogspot.com and it served us well over the years.  Our readership is small, but that is fine, as our main goal was to document our travels for our own enjoyment (when we revisit some of the posts).

Most of our readers are fellow bus folks or family.  Most signed up to receive the blog in an email form.  That process used a third party software called Feedburner.  It worked fine for a couple of years, but there are now many complaints on the internet that blogs are no longer being forwarded to subscribers.

I have been wanting to get better control of our blog and decided that now is the time.  I have been using the WordPress software (info here) for several projects including two of my project pages as well as our Eagles International website (link).  To be clear about my work with the Eagles International site, I co-administer the site with a professional web developer — she developed the website and I developed the forum.  However, I also do some administration on the website side as well.  [[how is that for blog drift {grin}]].

In any case, I have imported all of our posts from blogger to this site.  The import played a few games with the formatting of the text, but you will get the gist of the blog posts.

As noted above, one of the main reasons for making this change was to allow our readers to subscribe to our blog via email.  Since we do not post on a periodic basis (mostly when we travel), the email option works best for most folks.

That is all for now.

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