Happy Fourth of July from Dillon, CO

Happy Fourth of July from Dillon, CO
Friday afternoon, 
July 4, 2014   (First post of this
We will open this post with a timely photo.
We have been at the Heaton Bay campground (map) since Saturday 6/21. 
We are here with one of our daughters (Kelly) and her family.  This has been both a relaxing and at the same
time hectic two weeks.
The weather has been
pretty good.  The nights are cool (a
couple of nights into the high 30’s) and the days are in the 70’s and 80’s.  We have had several afternoon rain storms
with quite a bit of wind.  Indeed, one
day we came back and the Damon and Kelly’s canapé was blown over and a tangled
mess.  We took our canapé up to their
site and it has withstood the weather.
This blog will be a bit different than most.  I will post a picture and then give a brief
This is our camp spot. 
Kelly’s spot is about 100 feet away. 
Note the snow on the mountains in the background
This is Kelly and Damon’s site.