Hello from Houma, LA

Hello from Houma, LA
Monday evening,  June
9, 2014   (First post of this travelogue)
Well we got home from Iowa on Friday and I flew to New
Orleans on Sunday.  I am currently
staying at the Wingate hotel in Houma (map).  This trip is do
teach a shaft alignment class at the BP training headquarters.  It is a two day class and I fly home tomorrow
The BP training facilities are fantastic.  The building appears to be very new and  training rooms are very well equipped.  They provide free a buffet breakfast and lunch
for the folks attending the training classes (several going on at once). 
There are five students and they are really great to work
with.  This is the second shaft alignment
class I have taught with the new laser alignment equipment.  It makes a huge difference in the quality of
the class.  Besides that, the student
love to play with our new “toy”.
Last night and tonight I have eaten Cajun food (I am in the heart of Cajun country). 
Sunday night was an OK tourist type place, but tonight another instructor
and I went to a well known local restaurant (1921 Seafood bar (link) ).  I tried the
boiled Crawfish (see photo below) and it was great.  I also had two (!) bowls of fantastic “After
the Boil Soup” which is kind of a seafood gumbo.  YUM! 
And I am not a seafood lover!
That is all for now (been up since 3:00 and getting very
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