Hello from Prescott, IA

Hello from Prescott, IA
Wednesday Evening, 
June 4, 2014   (Second post of
this travelogue)
I wanted to make another couple of observations about the
truck show.  As I was walking the rows of
trucks for the third day (Saturday), I did something I hardly ever do at these
shows – looked at some of the attendees. 
I could not believe my eyes – our next door neighbor (diagonal to the
rear from our house) was walking down the aisle with his wife.  He is a truck nut as well.  Small world! 
He told me that at the dinner the night before, they announced that there
were 687 trucks at the event!
My trip back to Prescott was uneventful, albeit a bit
long.  Sunday we went to Guthrie Center,
IA to attend a pig show that two of our young relatives were participating
in.  It was a really fun event.  They also had a goat and sheep show as well,
but we did not stick around, as it was getting pretty warm.
As we normally do, we have been making the rounds of the
relatives.  That is always fun!  They are great folks back here and I always
enjoy learning about the lifestyle and hearing some of the fun stories.
We love to travel here in the bus.  Each morning we wake up to a beautifully view
of the rolling Iowa hills and the beautiful crops.  We have literally been watching the corn
grow.  Since we arrived, the corn has
grown perhaps 10 inches.  The photo below
does not do justice to the beauty of the area.
Last night was a bit eventful.  The national news had been talking for two
days about a huge storm that was headed our way.  Indeed, it was huge and created quite a bit
of damage in the area.  At our location,
we only got a small amount of hail, but we got almost 4.5 inches of rain in a
very short time.  South of us they had
softball size hail, very high “straight line” winds and some places got over 7
inches of rain!  Today Bill and I drove
around the area south of Prescott and saw some of the damage.  Many of the fields were stripped by the
hail.  We saw one machine shed that had
been blown across the road and two silos that were destroyed.  The TV showed many cars that had large
amounts of damage.
Tomorrow we start home. 
It looks like we will be travelling in the rain a bit.  Hopefully the wind will not be a problem.
That is all for now.
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