Hello from the Sacramento

Hello from the Sacramento
afternoon,  May 1, 2014   (One post travelogue)
I am in Sacramento doing a couple of training sessions for
NTT.  This week it is two days of
Mechanical Drives and two days of Vibration Analysis.  Mechanical Drives is old hat for me, but
Vibration analysis is a new class for NTT. 
To put it nicely, the course was not well developed before it was released.  The class is based on a text book, but the
slides were very primitive.  I have spent
MANY hours developing new slides that present the data in a better format.  Luckily, I am co-teaching with a person who
has a great deal of experience in the latest technology. 
My part of the vibration class was to set the stage for
advanced discussion by the other instructor. 
I did the first three chapters and discussed how we used to do vibration
analysis on belt drives with very basic tools.  Indeed, most of my work was in the late ‘60s
or early ‘70s.  To put that in
perspective, personal computers did not become available to the public until
the mid to late ‘70s!! The computer based “tools” today are amazing!
This is a “regional” class.  What that means is that the students come from
different companies and the classes are held in a hotel.  That kind of class is quite different from
what we call onsight classes where we go into a plant and do a class specifically
for a business.  Boeing would be an
example of the latter.  In my first NTT
employment (2000-2002) most of the classes were public at hotels.  Today most are onsight.  I much prefer the public class
atmosphere.  There is always a broad base
of experience and the students seem to be willing to exchange examples that
reinforce what we are teaching. 
The other nice feature of public classes is that they are
held at normal hours {grin}.  At Boeing,
we teach on either first shift (6:00-2:30) or second shift (2:30-11:00).  A week of that kind of schedule will really
mess up your internal clock!
I am staying at the Hampden Inn in Sacramento (map).  The class is
being held at the same location.  When I
searched out the location on Google Maps, I noticed that they had changed the map
format significantly.  It will be
interesting to see how the above link displays.
Surprisingly, I am actually posting this blog before I leave
town (at airport).
That is all for this blog.
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