Hello from Pendleton, OR

Hello from Pendleton, OR
Friday evening , 
November 15, 2013   (Seventh
travelogue of this trip).
We are in Pendleton Oregon at the Holiday Inn Express (map).  We have started our drive home.  We are trying to schedule the travel so that
we can arrive in Gunnison, CO at a time that will work with our grandsons’ college
schedules.  Today we left Kent and drove
on I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass.  At times
it was snowing, but it did not stick to the road.  We had hoped to stay at a casino close to
here, but they were booked full (weekend).
Last week I started my certification to teach another class
at Boeing (Machine Tool Position and Accuracy). 
It is the final class in a series on “laying out” multi-axes machining
centers (checking/correcting all mechanical components that affect machine
accuracy).  That class was held the first
four days of this week on the first shift (6:00AM – 2:30PM). 
In the last post, I meant to talk about the weather on our
tour of the Olympic Peninsula.  On that
day, the weather was half way decent. 
That was about the only day that it was not rainy and cold.  We lucked out. 
One day, the clouds cleared a bit and we could see Mt.
Rainier.  After I got back to the hotel,
I got Pat and we drove down towards Auburn and got the picture below.  It really is not a good picture, but it does
show how majestic it is.  It has a
altitude of 14,411 ft.  That is about the
same altitude as Pike’s Peak, but Mt Rainier’s base is just a bit above sea
level.  Mt. Rainier is considered one of
the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. 
It is active and could produce greater devastation than Mt. St. Helens. 
That is all for now.
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