Hello from Zion National Park, Utah

Hello from Zion National Park, Utah

Tuesday evening August 27,  2013   (Fifth travelogue of this trip).

Today, we toured Zion National Park and tonight we are staying at the Zion Lodge in the Park (map)

In researching the area, we ran across a great guide on touring the area by car (link).  We have some very good friends who full time in their bus and they really explore the areas they travel to and we live vicariously through their email “blog”.  Today we felt like we would make them proud with our explorations (are you listening Stevi and Ed?).  We will detail those travels in our next blog.

Our main reason for this post is to show you our cabin at the Zion Lodge.

Our Cabin at Zion Lodge
View From Our Front Porch

Tonight we sat on the porch and saw a deer wander by within 20 feet and two small foxes scamper through the parking lot in front of the cabin.  We met one of the workers here who really studies each place he works.  He said the main lodge burned down many years ago, but our cabin, and the ones surrounding it, were the original ones built sometime between 1927 and 1929.  The feeling of being surrounded by the shear walls of the various kinds of rock and all of the beauty is beyond description.  Indeed, the photos we have taken don’t begin to capture the beauty.

It is getting late, and my pea brain has gone into overload trying to convey how neat this place is.

That is all for now.

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