Hello from Las Vegas, NV

Hello from Las Vegas, NV

Monday evening August 12,  2013   (Second travelogue of this trip).

Saturday, I drove to Bonneville for one day of the 2013 Speed Week event.  I have attended several  Bonneville Speed Week events, beginning about 1990.  It is an amazing, unique event.  You see race cars of every shape, size and description.  The Bonneville Salt Flats and the surround area is awesome   and very picturesque.  The photo below shows the low level mountains in the background and a typical pit scene.  You will note all the old style cars.  There is always a large number of old style “hot rods” – many driven by some old men {grin}.   The second photo shows our rented car with the pits in the background.

When you stand on the starting line, you can see the race cars
disappear over the horizon.  The sound of one of the higher performance,
fuel (nitromethane) cars is beyond description.  This year there were
515 cars registered for the event.

All of the pits and the
starting area are open to the public.  The attendance fee is only $15
for one day and $40 for the week.  In previous trips, I  usually attend
for several days, but this year I could only attend on Saturday – the
first day of racing.

Sunday we drove from Salt lake to Las Vegas –
a bit over 400 miles.  We arrived in the early afternoon.  We are
staying at the Rio (map)
They would not let us check in before 4:00 PM, so we went out to the
water treatment plant where I am teaching.  We were able to set up the
lab equipment and get the room ready for today.

I am teaching shaft alignment to to two different classes this week.  The morning class begins at 6:30 AM and the afternoon class begins at 12:00.  The morning class i from Monday to Thursday and the afternoon class is from Tuesday to Friday.  It is a bit different scheduling arrangement, but I can make it work without much adjustment.  Both classes are rather large for what is termed an “on site” class.  That will make the labs a bit crowded, but that should not be too big of a deal.

That is all for now.

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