Hello from Salt Lake City, UT

Hello from Salt Lake City, UT

Friday evening August 9,  2013   (First travelogue of this trip).

Well, this was almost a trip in our bus.  Originally, we had planned to go to Bonneville and then drive the bus to the Seattle area.  Part of the Bonneville visit was to meet with the owner of a new streamliner that I designed the belt drives for (blower and power to the differentials).  It turns out that they will not be at Bonneville for this event (Speed Week).

Then NTT offered me a couple of classes in Las Vegas during Bonneville week.  That really messed up our plans, but we could not turn down the money.

So, we decided to drive a rental car to Las Vegas, via Salt Lake/Bonneville.  The choice of using a rental car was based on not piling on more miles on our already relatively high mile cars plus the fact that we would not have to worry about car problems.  The cost is partly offset by better mileage, and offsetting funds from NTT for the equivalent flights and rental car for the week (perhaps 40% of the cost).  We will then fly from Las Vegas to Seattle for the second week of training plus some sightseeing.  We will return to LV and take a leisurely, tourist route home.  At least that is the plan now.

We left Evergreen Thursday (8/8) afternoon and drove to Craig, CO.  We stayed in a Holiday Inn.  Kind of a strange room, as the only chair was the desk chair.  I sat on the luggage and Pat sat in the desk chair.  Considering that we were paying over $100, we were not happy.  They said that all of their rooms were equipped the same way.

Today we drove to Salt Lake and are staying in a Holiday Inn Express(map).  We made sure that the room had a desk and second chair.  We told them our story and I guess they took pity on us.  We are in a suite with a total of three chairs and a couch (for $90)!

We have had a lot of folks tell us about Cafe Rio.  We looked them up and drove to Tooele, UT to have dinner there.  It is a Mexican restaurant where you order you plate like you do at Chipotle.  The food was great!

Tomorrow I will drive to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  That is about 100 miles one way.  The event (Speed Week) goes all week.  However, I will only be able to go for one day.

That is all for this post.

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