Hello from Dillon, CO

Hello from Dillon, CO

Thursday evening July 11 2013   (First travelogue of this trip).

I have written some “convoluted” travelogues, but I think this one sets the record.  I started writing this one on Tuesday June 25 when we were in Dillon. 

This is a quick trip in our PT Cruiser.  Saturday (6/22) we drove to Dillon to spend a few days with daughter Kelly and her family at their townhouse.  We all love staying here.  It is so cozy and the granddaughters love to have us stay in their bedroom.  This will be the last time for quite a while, as they have leased it to a couple for two years.  When the bought the townhouse a few years ago it was their plan to rent/lease the unit as much as they could.  This two year lease is a great from the financial point of view, but is a bit sad that they can’t enjoy it for a while.

Monday was Madison’s 10th birthday and we had a great time celebrating.  We went to the marina, had frozen yogurt, and took in a movie (Monsters’ University).  All in all, a very relaxing day.

Tuesday we spent half the day with Kelly and her family and then drove to Black Hawk.  Pat and I laugh that they offered me two free nights at the Ameristar.  When I have been there in the past, I spend maybe an hour at the machines and then go off and do something else.  Pat really enjoys the machines, but I can only handle it for a short period.  She hit a good jackpot fairly quickly.  Of course, that dwindled down at a pretty fast pace.  I think she came out even or a bit ahead – don’t ask about me {grin}.  As we have written in the past, the Ameristar is a fantastic place and it would be hard not to enjoy being there. 

After Black Hawk, we returned home.  On Thursday or Friday, we got a call from Molly (Kelly’s daughter) saying that they were going to rent a “speed boat” and wanted us to come up Saturday (6/29).  She was so cute about how she asked up (“won’t cost you a cent”) that we just could not resist.  We spent a bit over half a day there.

To make things even more convoluted, I am posting this from Everett, WA.  More in the next travelogue.

That is all for this trip.

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