Hello from Arrowhead Point RV Park close to El Dorado, MO

Hello from Arrowhead Point RV Park  close to El Dorado, MO

Wednesday Evening   April 10, 2013   (Fourth travelogue of this trip).

Before we get into this travelogue post, I just had to publish one more picture from the Blytheville rally.  The photo was taken by Stan Holter during the rally.  It is a beautiful photo that could have easily been taken 60 years ago.

Stan Holter’s Amazing Photo of the Blytheville Greyhound Terminal

We are at the Arrowhead Point RV park (map).  We chose to stay here for three nights so that we could dump our holding tanks, get water and generally relax and not worry about running the generator.  This location was midway between two activities that we had planned.

The first was a visit with a friend of Pats from her very early days.  Linda and Pat grew up together and have kept in touch all these years.  We drove to Linda and Leonard’s house in Roach, MO.  It is a beautiful house right on The Lake of the Ozarks.  We had visited them in the same general area a few years ago, but they have built a new house.  While Linda and Pat caught up on old times, Leonard and I went down to their dock and I got to watch him do some fishing.  We then took his “gator” type ATV for a ride around the area.  Even though the trees are not yet leafed out, it is a beautiful area.   We ended the day with a fun dinner at a local bar/restaurant.  Without question, they are great hosts.

Today was our genealogy day.  Pats Grandfather was born in this general area and a host of his relatives are buried in various cemeteries within about a 60 mile radius of our RV Park.  Last year, after our Eagles International rally, we spent a bit of time in the area, but wanted to do some more research.  We had planned to go the the library in Butler, MO.  Pat had contacted them prior to our trip and the genealogy expert had done some research.  This was her day off, but she left some great material for Pat to review. In addition, the head librarian was of great help in locating additional material and making a couple of contacts for us.

We had also planned to visit three cemeteries.  The weather was very rainy and cold, but we were able to make our planned visits.  One of the cemeteries was the burial location for Pat’s grandfather’s grandparents.  We also visited another cemetery where her grandfather’s parents were born.  Wonder family history.

Tomorrow we head to Iowa – we hope.  They have a prediction of some snow (part of the storm that dumped snow and cold in the Denver area yesterday).  Our bus has not proven to have a great deal of traction in slippery conditions.  We will drive as long as we feel safe and stop if there is any doubt.

That is all for now.

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