Hello from Atlanta, GA

Hello from Atlanta, GA

Monday evening   February 11, 2013   (First travelogue of this trip).

Well, what do you know, a travelogue about a trip that is more than 100 miles {grin}. 

I am in Atlanta to audit/co-teach an NTT Mechanical Drives class.  The class is one of a series being taught to maintenance folks at Emory University (info)

Sunday I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  Getting to the airport was a bit tricky, as the roads were pretty iced over in our canyon that leads to US 285.  After I got out of the canyon, it was not all that bad.  The flight was OK (I don’t enjoy the hassle of flying).  I paid to upgrade to a better seat, since it was a long flight.  That gave me lots of leg room (exit row).

I am staying at the LaQuinta (map).  This is an old hotel that could stand some remodeling, but the bed is comfortable and the room is clean.

The weather here is very rainy.  There is some localized flooding.  I sure wish that we had some of that rain back home.

Today I taught the belt section of the course.  I will probably do another session tomorrow.

That is all for now.

Update:  somehow blogspot is adding advertising links to my post.  I can’t find a way to eliminate the ad links – sorry.

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