Hello from Lexington, NE

Hello from Lexington, NE

Friday evening   October 19, 2012   (Sixth travelogue of this trip).

We got a late start today.  It was really cold and windy.  Of course, it was mostly a head wind out of the north west.  Given the conditions, we resigned ourselves to taking three days to get home.  However, the weather cleared up a bit and we were able to travel a bit over 300 miles.

We are at the Wal Mart in Lexington, NE (map).  We are a bit short of half way, but we should be able to get an earlier start tomorrow and get home on Saturday, as planned.

In an earlier blog, I had mentioned our amazing fortune of finding the Dickison Cemetery (a bit north and east of Nevada, MO).  As I noted, the cemetery is on private property.  With permission, we traveled across a farm field and found the somewhat overgrown cemetery.  We quickly found Pat’s grandfather’s grandparent’s marker (in good condition, considering the stone was over 142 years old).  Below is a picture of the cemetery.

Dickison Cemetery

I also mentioned the wonderful color in Iowa.  Shown below is a tree at Bill and Jeanne’s house.  Shortly after the picture was taken, the storms moved in and the tree lost most of the leaves.

Beautiful Tree In Prescott, IA

That is all for now.

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