Hello again from Greenville, OH

Hello again from Greenville, OH
Friday Morning October
7, 2011 (third travelogue of this trip).
This week has sure gone by
quickly. We leave tomorrow.
Pat has been having a ball
using the various resources available here. In addition to the great
resources at the Garst Museum, she has spent some time at the county
records facility looking at old documents. But the really great
resource has been the Library. They have a genealogy department.
The woman who works there is so very helpful. She is apparently a
contract person (low pay, unfortunately), and just loves her job.
She has been working directly with Pat and the two of them have made
some pretty good progress.
We have again gone to a
couple of graveyards. Some folks think that is kind of weird, but it
is rewarding to find the markers of our ancestors. Besides that, the
graveyards are beautiful in their own way.
I have been spending quite
a bit of time on work related efforts. It seems that when we left
town, the world discovered that our business exists {big grin}. I
have had to process a couple of nice orders for our fire detection
and suppression system and have an order for a specialized version
for an industrial customer (indeed, all of my orders have been
non-RV). That is a great trend. Hope it keeps up.
We are heading to
Chattanooga next week to participate in the Bus Conversions Rally
I have been working with the Bus Conversions Magazine owner,
offering several seminars (including Pat’s rubber stamped greeting
card seminar) as well as any type of help he needs. I am also
scheduled to be a co-presenter of a one day welding workshop
(assuming there is sufficient registration). We will arrive a couple
of days before the workshops begin and help with the various
activities needed to facilitate a rally of this magnitude.
The welding workshop will be a first
for me. I am doing the “textbook” presentation and the other
person will work with the attendees to do actual hands-on welding. I
think it has the potential for being a good session. I have been
spending a lot of time pouring over welding books to get the slide
presentation developed. I have a lot of welding experience (since I
was 15 years old), but I have never tried to “teach” a class.
Our daughter asked about the fall
colors. The trees here are just starting to turn and the colors, so
far, are great. I think we will hit the best colors in Tennessee. I
had mentioned that the weather was rather cold when we got here. It
has now gotten pretty nice with daytime temperatures in the high
70s/low80s and nighttime in the mid 40s.
I had noted that we are staying in the
campground at the Darke County fairgrounds. I had linked to a
satellite view in the last blog and that view shows how extensive the
facilities are. Here is the link: (map).
There are a large number of barns and facility buildings. The
grounds are immaculate. Many years ago, I attended a car show in the
’56 Chevy in Hamilton, OH. My brother-in-law and I drove up here to
attend a very large steam tractor event. I fell in love with the
fairgrounds when we were here and it has been just as neat as I had
remembered. At least one source says that the fairgrounds is located
on 176 acres and has 1000 campsites. The Darke County Fair is said
to be among the largest county fair in the US.
Last night and this morning we are
trying to catch up on washing. It is sure nice to have the washer
and dryer in the bus. That lets Pat do the washing while we relax
and do other things. We have 30 amp service at the campground, but
that is not sufficient to run the dryer. We are running the
generator when we do the drying, but that is a very small price to
pay for the convenience.
That is all for now.
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