Hello from Chatfield Reservoir.

Hello from Chatfield Reservoir.
Sunday evening May 15 2011 (second travelogue of this trip).
When I last posted about this trip (5/1), I talked about getting the bus ready for its first trip since last October. Our travel in the bus, since 2006, has been considerable more frequent and we really miss being on the road. As noted in the series on our Daughter’s breast cancer journey, we have canceled one major trip to CA and NV planned for earlier this year. We have also delayed a trip to Iowa. There was never any question that we would change our schedule so that we could be a part of Kelly’s support system.
On Wednesday May 5th, we made the short trip from our home to Chatfield Reservoir (map). If you look at the map, the subdivision to the left of our location is where Kelly and her family live. That is one of the main reasons we are staying here. As the crow flies, it is a short distance to their house. However, we must drive around the lake, so the distance is about 5 miles.
Chatfield is a state park. It is a beautiful facility. There are a ton of things to do here. Unfortunately, we have been so busy that we have not been able take advantage of the facilities. Today I did ride my bicycle over to the radio controlled air strip and watched a couple of folks fly their planes. Really fun to watch.
The weather has been wet and cold most of our stay here. We even had a bit of snow a couple of days ago. We have had terrible drought conditions for several months, but this week we had over 2 inches of rain. We have been watching some of the folks camping in tents and really felt sorry for them. I am sure it was not a lot of fun. The weather has not been much of an issue for us. The bus is nice and warm and we are not here much. We have spent most of our time at Kelly’s house helping wherever we can. For the most part, that was taking care of the girls. Damon has been very good about helping Kelly during her recovery from her double mastectomy. She has had a rough recovery, and has needed a lot of support.
Staying here has also been convenient for my physical therapy. The facility is only a few miles from here. Kelly and Damon lined me up with their physical therapist and he is great! I am amazed about the factors that I must work on to strengthen the knee and prevent any further damage. One example, is that I have had to learn how to walk up and down stairs so that my butt muscles do most of the work.
We have had the granddaughters stay over in the bus a few nights. We had them over night last night and had planned to do some fun outdoor things today, but it was just too cold and wet. We still had a lot of fun.
The camping limit here is 14 days and we will need to pull the bus out Wednesday morning.
That is all for this “trip”.
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