Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued

Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued
Wednesday Morning March, 23 2011 (fifth post in this series).
Yesterday Kelly and Damon, along with Lisa met with the Breast Center team from University Hospital. Lisa is our oldest daughter, is a clinical dietician at University Hospital, and facilitated the review of Kelly’s case.
I will briefly summarize the results of that meeting. Kelly plans to write a summary of that meeting, and when she does, I will post it here.
The team basically verified all of the details that Kelly has been given to date. They had reviewed all of the tests and confirmed the diagnostic results of each. They also agreed on the various treatment options that have been discussed by the first surgeon.
The oncologist was a lady almost exactly Kelly’s age and she heads up a study of breast cancer in young women. It is possible that Kelly will become a part of that study.
Both opinions suggest that the results of a special test need to be a part of the decision process. This test is called a BRCA test. Information on this test is detailed at:
This test evaluates human genes that are related to some forms of breast cancer. A description of these genes is as follows:

“BRCA1  and BRCA2 are human genes that belong to a class of genes known as tumor suppressors. Mutation of these genes has been linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer “

The results of this test, if positive, could also suggest that Pat and our other daughters will need to have more detailed breast cancer screening. Both opinions suspect that the test will come back negative, but the results are still a significant factor in the evaluation process. The results of that test are expected in about 10 more days.

For sure, Kelly will have to have surgery. The extent of that surgery will be based on decisions by the doctors and Kelly. There is a very good chance that Kelly will not have to go through chemotherapy and we are very hopeful that is the case.

We will update you as we get more details.
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