Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued

Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued
Monday Morning March, 21 2011 (fourth post in this series).
This will be a fairly quick update. Kelly had some additional tests on Thursday. They suggested further tests, but Kelly is going to defer any additional tests until she and Damon meet with the University Hospital team tomorrow.
Kelly and Damon told the girls about the situation last Friday. They told the girls that they could ask questions at anytime. Madison and Molly seem to be handling the situation very well. We went to the movies yesterday with Kelly and her family and the girls seem to be their normal selves.
Kelly seems to be handling this situation very well. Lisa, our oldest daughter describes it best when she said “Kelly is handling it with dignity”. Kelly said that she was not angry, nor does she ask: “why me?”. Pat and I have said several times that if it was us, we would probably be on the floor screaming and crying. I am sure that she has some pretty tough private moments at times.
Tonight we will stay overnight at their house so that we can get the girls ready to go to their early morning swimming lessons and then take them to school on Tuesday.
We are very anxious to hear what the University Hospital team has to say. We will update you as we get that information.
Related to this situation is the tremendous outpouring from friends, family and even “remote” acquaintances. A huge number of our friends and family have contacted us with encouraging thoughts and prayers. Kelly and Damon are amazed with the tremendous response of folks. It really helps all of us keep going. Thank you all so much!!!
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