Hello from Yuma, AZ

Hello from Yuma, AZ
Sunday evening; February 3, 2008 (Second travelogue of this trip)
Our current location is here (you should be able to click on the word “here” and it will direct you to the map). There is no satellite image for this location, so click on “Map” rather than “Satellite” if our location does not show up.
Well, a lot of fun things have occurred since our last travelogue. And one not so fun. While we were in Indio, a fellow showed up and knew about every stop we would make on this trip (I had posted the information on one of the bus forums). He was interesting to talk to a first. But at the conversion went on, it became less fun (he was loud and a bit obnoxious). I was able to excuse myself, and I thought that would be the end of it. However, when we came back from dinner in Quartzsite Thursday evening, they were parked next to us. They jumped out of their bus and kind of “pounced” on us before we could even open the door. The rest of the evening was not very pleasant to say the least. He was even more obnoxious and loud this time and his wife was kind of weird. We were able to get away from them after about an hour and half of “pain”. The next morning we had a breakfast appointment with a friend. When we came back, the “stalkers” were gone (whew!). We were prepared to pack up and move if we had to.
On the positive side, we got to meet some great bus folks that were in the area. We also spent some time in the big RV Tent where there were a lot of vendors (some that we knew from our membership in PRVVC: Professinal RV Vendors Chapter of FMCA). It was fun to talk with them. We also purchased a few things at the show. In addition, we did some shopping in the flea market that was close to the tent. I should mention that there are huge flea markets all over town. We bought lots of little things at what we think were very good prices.
Saturday we left Quartzsite and traveled to Yuma (about 80 miles) to stay a couple of days with some friends: Ed and Stevi Hackenbruch. Well, that couple of days has expanded quite a bit. Our plans are to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday and start heading to Shoshone, CA (our favorite little town).
Ed and Stevi live in their bus full time. In the winter they stay in Yuma and in the summer they travel to Washington where Ed works as a heavy equipment operator. Ed and Stevi are absolutely great hosts and we have had a ball with them (and there great beagle: Dexter). Dexter is a hoot! He has a very special schedule: he goes for a walk in the desert with Ed each morning, eats exactly at 5:00PM and then goes for a ride on the golf cart. Last night Ed and I were in our bus looking at the computer. Dexter came to the door and then went and sat in the cart staring at us until Ed took him for his ride.
We have done a lot of fun things with Ed and Stevi. One day we went to Algodones Mexico (about 20 miles away) and did some very fun shopping. Pat bought a purse, a couple of light jackets and a bracelet. We also bought a couple of colorful blankets as protective covers for our bus seats. The day we went was the last day you could get back into the US without a passport (we left ours at home). We also went to the Yuma flea market which is quite “upscale” with great merchandise. Actually we went there twice. We have gone out to eat several times and just plain had fun!
It is very hard to explain what their “lot” is like. This whole subdivision (several square miles) is aimed at folks who live in RVs . There is also a mix of permanent homes, but RVs out number permanent structures. The lots are laid out for two RVs and most have great looking brick walls surrounding them and fancy gates. Many have casitas (small buildings with varying levels of amenities). Theirs has a bathroom with washer and a room that Stevi uses as a workshop for her work with decorated gourds (she does great work). The attached photo that Stevi took shows their lot and our buses as well as the casita. Even the picture does not convey how neat the area is.
Guess that is all for now.

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