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The Kassels (December 2007)

Josh, Amanda and Brandon (December 2008)

Dan and Lisa Kassel are very busy raising three wonderful children. They camp in the summer and ski in the winter.  Dan has had a great real estate year. In addition to Lisa's two days a week at University Hospital, she also works one day with a gastric bypass surgeon. She really enjoys her work at the gastric bypass clinic as she watches patients make amazing changes. Amanda is a beautiful 13-year old. She has a house-, pet-, and babysitting service, so we all tease her that she's the family banker. Amanda swims for a rec swim league each summer. Joshua is a precious 11-year old, who loves school. His brain works a lot like his Papa's; he's considering becoming an engineer. He plays basketball and plans his next science experiment in his free time. Brandon will be 10 in March. He enjoys fourth grade, playing competitive baseball in the spring and summer, and teaching Toby, the family Boxer, new tricks.



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