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The Jeute family (December 2009)

Thomas, Isabella and Nathan (December 2008)


The Jeutes have had quite a busy year.  Thomas is a junior at Platte Canyon High School and is very excited to start college classes next semester at Red Rocks Community College to explore more math classes than his small school can provide.  He went in on a Blazer with his parents and is very proud of his "new ride".  Nathan is in the midst of Basketball season and is very happy to be playing Varsity.  He is also moving up within his band (as a drummer), which is very impressive as he is part of the High School band and he is still a student at Fitzsimmons Middle School.  Isabella runs the show, anything Judy can do, so can Isabella; she is a wonderful help to Judy running such a busy ranch.  Isabella is in The Deer Creek Eagle Singers this year and is enjoying doing performances at local events.  The kids are very proud that their family has started a recycling program at each of their schools. Tom and Judy are as busy as ever and loving every minute of it.  While Tom still runs the machine shop in Englewood, they have expanded their llama businesses dramatically this year.  They have invented a "green" product (for gardening and plants) made of llama manure that has a very funny logo; it has gotten great responses, so now they are making a retail line with it.  Judy is also very excited as her children's book is finally coming to life; she is hoping to have it published by Christmas.  Judy has a blog that we enjoy following, it really keeps us up on what is happening at their little ranch, as there is always something new going on. If you, too, want to keep up with the Jeutes, this is their blog address:

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