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In addition to our family site, we have several other business and family websites:


Jim and Pat's business site:  http://rvsafetysystems.com/

Pat's Stampin' Up! site: http://stampinlady.com/

Jim's consulting business:  http://hoseandbeltguy.com/

Jim's projects pages:  Click Here

Jim and Pat's travel blog:  http://rvsafetyman.blogspot.com/


Our daughters and their families have business web pages as well:

Dan (Lisa) Kassel:  http://www.kasselrealty.com

Kelly (Damon) Bergman:  http://bergmansbestteaching.com/

Judy (Tom) Jeute:  http://royalranch.net/

Judy' great blog:  http://royalranchgreenfromthebottomup.blogspot.com/


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